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Glazed Donut and White Chocolate Hazelnut revealed as OP1 Whey’s other new flavors

Chemical Warfare Glazed Donut Op1 Whey

The UK-based Chemical Warfare recently revealed it had put together a bunch of creative new flavors for its premium, isolate-based OP1 Whey protein powder. To start, the brand launched one of the three in Caramel Biscuit inspired by the famous Biscoff biscuit. This week Chemical Warfare has followed that excitement up with the release of the other two OP1 Whey tastes, and they are just as intriguing.

Chemical Warfare’s second and third new flavors of OP1 Whey protein powder are not in stock like Caramel Biscuit, but they are available for pre-order through the brand’s website at £39.99 (47.48 USD) for a 1.8kg tub. As for the names of those options, as mentioned, they are different and as creative as Caramel Biscuit in a sweet Glazed Donut and something a little more chocolatey, White Chocolate Hazelnut.

The pre-order doesn’t come with too much of a wait either, with Chemical Warfare saying both Glazed Donut and White Chocolate Hazelnut OP1 Whey will be shipping out right on Black Friday. From what we know, none of the three flavor extensions are limited-time launches, so even if you don’t get them right away, they will be sticking around.