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Core Nutritionals launch at Vitamin Shoppe pushed back to New Year’s Day

Core Nutritionals Launch At Vitamin Shoppe

Earlier this year, premium, reputable, and long-running sports nutrition brand Core Nutritionals announced a massive partnership with the supplement retail giant The Vitamin Shoppe. The brand confirmed it would be making its way onto shelves at The Vitamin Shoppe’s many locations across the country, although that’s not even close to where the excitement ends.

Core Nutritionals revealed that in line with its debut at The Vitamin Shoppe would be the launch of a new version of its signature, well-rounded pre-workout Core Fury. The evolution of the supplement also promised to be the most expensive pre-workout the brand has ever formulated, and initially, it would only be available for purchase at The Vitamin Shoppe.

October was the original month the Core Nutritionals and Vitamin Shoppe partnership was said to kick off, which, as you could probably tell, has been and gone. The timeframe for the release of the brand and its reliable sports nutrition supplements at The Vitamin Shoppe has been pushed back a few months to the first day of the New Year, or Sunday the 1st of January.

Basically, the availability of Core Nutritionals at The Vitamin Shoppe is still very much happening, and the debut of that promising and premium new version of Core Fury is also still in line with that rollout. With this week bringing us to the middle of November, Black Friday coming next week, and Christmas six weeks away, Core Nutritionals’ New Year’s Day launch is not all that far away.