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Tyson Fury’s brand Furocity looks like it’s about to get into energy shots

Furocity Energy Shot

Tyson Fury’s energy drink company Furocity has shared a teaser image alongside a few clues about its next big release, and it does sound like quite an important one. The beverage brand has posted the extremely vague and mostly covered picture seen above, which has certainly left us guessing and eager to find out what Fury and his team have in store for Furocity and its growing fanbase.

While the teaser image doesn’t have all that much in it, the words Furocity has shared give us a lot more, saying the mystery product is convenient for on-the-go use, it has a hard-hitting amount of caffeine, and it is small but mighty. The one item or type of beverage we could think of that ticks all of those boxes and will be right at home alongside the Furocity energy drink is a Furocity Energy Shot.

A traditional 60ml shot would indeed fit that description of small but mighty, as well as a hard-hitting amount of caffeine and versatile on-the-go use. Basically, everything points to an energy shot, and the wait for whatever the product turns out to be isn’t going to be that long, as the brand is planning to launch or, at the very least, completely unveil its next effort sometime later this month.

We’re sticking with our guess of a Furocity Energy Shot, although we could be wrong, especially if you’ve seen the brand’s current lineup. The only other product Furocity has on the market outside of its original energy drink is a minimally caffeinated, low-calorie ice pop, showing the brand can do things differently and go into categories and come out with formats far from the usual.

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