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Long-running Gingerbread House keeps Halo Top’s run alive and is back for another Christmas

Gingerbread House Halo Top For 2022

Every year since 2017, the frozen functional specialist Halo Top has brought back a Christmassy flavor of its delicious and original light ice cream. That flavor has remained the same every year, and of course, it is fitting for the time of year in Gingerbread House. For the year 2022, things are going to be no different, and once again, Halo Top is resurrecting the product for another limited run and rolling it out to freezers.

Halo Top’s Christmassy Gingerbread House light ice cream can now be found in stores and featuring a sweet gingerbread ice cream with pieces of gingerbread cookie and festive red and green sprinkles. The nutrition profile of the product includes 16g of protein in an entire single pint tub alongside 74g of carbohydrates with 33g of that sugar, 17g fiber and 18g sugar alcohol, 10g of fat, and lastly, a calorie count of 360.

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