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Big Ramy debuts Big Ramy Labs at the Dubai Muscle Show and its Red Rex beef proteins

Big Ramy Labs Red Rex Supplements

Like Victor Martinez, reigning Mr. Olympia champion Mamdouh Elssbiay, better known as Big Ramy, debuted his own line of supplements at this year’s Dubai Muscle Show over the weekend. The interesting thing about Big Ramy’s brand is it sounds like it has a lot more up its sleeve than what it had at the event, as it didn’t have a massive range of products.

The name of Big Ramy’s supplement company is Big Ramy Labs, and at the Dubai Muscle Show, it introduced a brand named Red Rex. It was showing off the two products with a beef protein powder packing 24g of protein and 110 calories, and a beef-based gainer. Those supplements appear to be the focus of Red Rex, to the extent that its description on social media is “premium beef protein nutritional performance products”.

As mentioned, we suspect Big Ramy and his company Big Ramy Labs have more to come than Red Rex and its beef protein powder and gainer. It’s a little hard to tell if Red Rex is a brand on its own from Big Ramy Labs, like Vayu from ESN or Xtend from Nutrabolt, and there are more supplements to come outside of the protein products, or is it a small self-titled selection, and that’s where it ends, similar to gaming giant G Fuel.

Unfortunately, we can’t find any sort of online store or website selling Big Ramy Labs and Red Rex products or even something offering more information. The brands did just make their debut over the weekend at the Dubai Muscle Show, so an online presence may still be in the works and coming and we’ll be sure to share any and all updates when we have them.