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Standalone creatine comes to Jocko Fuel with a large 90 servings per tub

Jocko Creatine

Jocko Willink’s popular brand Jocko Fuel has joined the list of sports nutrition companies offering a creatine-based muscle-building supplement simply named Jocko Creatine. Several competitors have revealed and released some sort of product centered around creatine this past year, and Jocko is one of the latest with a relatively simple and straightforward approach.

Jocko Fuel’s Jocko Creatine is essentially a bulk, standalone creatine featuring a hefty 90 servings of tried and true creatine monohydrate in every tub to support muscle strength and size. Each of those servings gives you a full dose of creatine monohydrate at 5g, and it is an unflavored supplement, giving you the ability to easily stack it with other products, flavored or not.

Another highlight of Jocko Fuel’s new and basic Jocko Creatine is value, as it is a bulk standalone supplement with a price to match at $39.99 through the brand’s online store. The product was actually free during Jocko Fuel’s Cyber Monday sale for orders over $99, although that promotion has been and gone, so $39.99 is what you’ll be looking to pay at the moment.

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