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Labrada switches to recyclable bottles for its well-established Lean Body RTD

Lean Body Rtd Plastic Bottles

While we’ve seen a few newcomers to the world of on-the-go protein RTDs in the past couple of years with the likes of Ghost, Redcon1, and EHP Labs’ plant-based brand Blessed, there are still plenty of competitors that are already well established in the space. Labrada Nutrition is one of those brands that has a strong presence in the protein category with the Lean Body RTD.

The long-running and widely available Labrada Nutrition product packs a solid nutrition profile in its full 17oz size with 40g of protein and 9g each of carbohydrates and fat, and it comes in a strong variety of flavors. For as long as we can remember, the Lean Body RTD has been on shelves in the classic cardboard carton, although as we come to the end of 2022, that is changing.

Labrada Nutrition has announced that now rolling out to convenience stores is a version of the Lean Body RTD in recyclable plastic bottles. You can get a glimpse of the repackaged product in the image above, which has all of the same great macros, ingredients, and highlights as the original carton, just in a plastic bottle and in six of the shake’s eight different flavors options

The refreshed packaging of Labrada Nutrition’s Lean Body RTD is made with 98% high-density polyethylene, which the brand says is the most environmentally stable of all plastics. Becoming more environmentally friendly was one of the primary goals of the switch from cartons to plastic bottles.