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Lohilo fills its latest ice cream creation with brownie pieces and chocolate sauce

Lohilo Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream

The always entertaining, functional, and lifestyle brand Lohilo from Sweden has a new flavor out this month for its incredibly delicious and protein-packed ice cream. Of all of the lower-calorie, better-for-you ice creams out there, Lohilo’s takes the cake, especially its mouthwatering Ice Cream Bar sitting atop our list of best protein snacks; the only downside is the ice cream treats aren’t available in many places.

The newest member of Lohilo’s ice cream family is an all-out chocolate lovers creation named Chocolate Brownie. The product is a combination of rich and creamy chocolate ice cream, decadent brownie pieces, and sweet chocolate sauce. The macros are about the same as the many other flavors of Lohilo’s frozen dessert, with a respectable 18g of protein per pint, reasonable carbohydrates and fat, and 268 calories.

Pints of its protein ice cream is one of the few products Lohilo doesn’t sell in its own online store at, so fans will have to venture to a physical stockist to get their hands on the new Chocolate Brownie, which by the sounds of things has begun rolling out to shelves.

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