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Creative Mars makes a canned protein drink but its sugar is about equal to the protein

Mars Pro Protein Rtd

Mars is a supplement company out in Taiwan and it specializes in protein products with some genuinely unique releases to its name and one-of-a-kind flavor experiences. The brand was put on our radar with its special edition Dragon Ball Super collaboration, and just a couple of months ago, we saw it continue to stand out with its protein series infused with various health and wellness ingredients.

Mars is making itself known once again this week, announcing another type of protein supplement, although instead of the contents being what separates this one, it is the format. Mars Pro is a canned whey-based protein beverage featuring a solid 18g of protein in a 310ml drink from a variety of sources, including whole milk powder, milk concentrate, and a lesser amount of premium hydrolyzed whey isolate.

Mars Pro Protein Rtd

The flavor of the Mars Pro protein RTD is Brown Sugar, which is certainly different from your typical chocolate and vanilla; however, the taste brings with it some additional nutrition. The product has sugar and brown sugar as notable ingredients, and they bump up the carbohydrates to a hefty 17.7g a can, all but 300mg of that sugar, almost the same as the protein, with 6.2g of fat and a total calorie count of 200.

Mars Pro is an intriguing on-the-go supplement from Mars, especially with that unique Brown Sugar flavor, but we would have preferred to see a better nutrition profile as an almost even protein-to-sugar ratio is not what we expect from a protein RTD. Either way, the product is available from the brand’s website at HK$100 (12.76 USD) for three cans, $180 (22.97 USD) for six, or $336 (42.88 USD) for 12.