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Max Protein gets approval from Burpee Vet for its new Yummy Flavors

Max Protein Yummy Flavors

The always creative Spanish and mostly functional food company, Max Protein, has another intriguing functional item out this month, and it’s actually a collaboration of sorts. The brand has launched Yummy Flavors, which is along the same lines as its already available True Flavors cheesy condiment, with the difference being that the options it has to choose from are all sweet and dessert-themed.

Max Protein’s Yummy Flavors is a powder that you sprinkle on or into food to add the taste on the bottle, but without any of the over-the-top sugar or calories that typically come with it. The flavors are Mowlgy White Chocolate, a white chocolate biscuit, a straightforward Vanilla, and Edulcorante, which is a neutral sort of option.

Yummy Flavors relies on the sugar substitutes erythritol and sucralose to provide its desired flavors and minimal nutrition. A 20g serving of the product has absolutely no sugar, a net carbohydrate count of about a gram or less, zero fat and protein, and roughly five calories or less. Again, it’s a great way to add the flavors mentioned above to your favorite food or baking with virtually no extra nutrition.

As mentioned, Max Protein has partnered with someone for Yummy Flavors in the well-known baker Sara Conde or Burpee Vet, who has given each of the product’s three options her seal of approval. Yummy Flavors is out now in the brand’s home country of Spain and likely other regions shortly, in sizeable 120g bottles, giving fans and followers plenty of servings for whatever they plan to use it on.