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Skum Nisse and Skum Tomte are back for another Christmas as NOCCO

Nocco Skum Nisse Skum Tomte Return

GAAM Nutrition isn’t the only Swedish sports nutrition brand bringing back a special edition flavor for the season of giving; beverage specialist NOCCO has followed suit. The No Carbs Company, better known as NOCCO, has brought back the same two Christmas edition flavors it had last year for its flagship functional beverage, both of which are not your typical energy drink tastes.

Returning to the menu of the NOCCO energy drink, for another limited run, are Skum Tomte and Skum Nisse. They are both based on popular Swedish candy, and from what we know, Skum Nisse is said to be a more strawberry-themed experience, while Skum Tomte is marshmallow. Both flavors have the product’s usual 180mg of caffeine, 3g of BCAAs, no sugar, and low calories.

NOCCO’s seasonal Skum Nisse and Skum Tomte have made their return this month and sound like they’re already rolling out to stores in the brand’s home country of Sweden, leaving fans plenty of time to grab a can and enjoy before Christmas rolls around.

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