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Obvi partners with Entenmann’s once again for a Pound Cake flavor of Super Collagen

Obvi Entenmanns Pound Cake Super Collagen Protein

The entire month of November is Black Friday at the lifestyle brand Obvi, where you can get 30% off everything on its website, from its signature Super Collagen Protein to its more specialist items like Mermaid Multi and Lust. There is also a bunch of freebies at certain order levels, and if you haven’t headed to yet and taken advantage of the offer, you may be encouraged to tomorrow.

Alongside its month-long Black Friday celebration, Obvi said it would be dropping at least one new product a week, starting with a Fruit Punch flavor of Collagenic Burn. Tomorrow the brand is continuing that promise, releasing another new item, and it is a flavor extension. Unlike the addition to Collagenic Burn, this one is an authentic flavor collaboration with the legacy food company Entenmann’s.

Obvi has already partnered with Entenmann’s on two occasions for an authentic Entenmann’s Rich Frosted Chocolate Donuts flavor of Super Collagen Protein and Entenmann’s Chocolate Chip Cookie, also for Super Collagen Protein. Tomorrow the third authentic collaboration between the two is launching, and it is another tasty creation in Entenmann’s Pound Cake Super Collagen Protein.

The regular price of Obvi and Entenmann’s authentic Pound Cake flavor of Super Collagen Protein will be the same price as all of the supplement’s other tastes at $44.99. During the brand’s Black Friday sale, that is being dropped by the substantial 30% discount to $31.49, making this month or as soon as Entenmann’s authentic Pound Cake Super Collagen Protein goes live, the ideal time to grab it.