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Monster promises an orange sherbet flavor in its new Orange Dreamsicle Reserve

2 months ago
Orange Dreamsicle Monster Reserve

Around this time last year, beverage giant Monster Energy launched an all-new product in Monster Reserve. It is described as a fruity twist on the company’s original energy drink, and it packs the same amount of caffeine at a reliable 160mg a can. Reserve is far from low on nutrition like Monster Ultra, with 30 to 32g of carbohydrates, almost all of that from sugar, and 120 calories in a standard 16oz can.

Monster debuted its fruity Monster Reserve energy drink in two refreshing flavors with White Pineapple and Watermelon. There is now a third option on its menu, continuing that theme with a sweet and smooth, orange sherbet-like taste in Orange Dreamsicle. The product is rolling out to shelves shortly, with a listing already at the online giant Amazon, although it is currently not showing any stock.

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