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Pandy’s cinnamon-infused flavor Nutchup is back for another Christmas

Pandy Nutchip Almond Butter Cinnamon

Last year, Swedish brand Pandy released a special edition Christmas flavor of its tasty, convenient, clean, and nutritious Nutchup creamy nut topping, which is a partnership between Pandy and the functional brand Nutchup. The idea behind the Nutchup concept is in the name, being a nut-based condiment intended to take the place of sauce or, per the title, ketchup, which is further communicated in the flavors it can be found in.

Pandy has decided to bring back its limited-time Christmassy creation for another year, featuring the same combination of nut spread and hint of flavor, although the colors filling out its label are slightly different. The festive returning product from Pandy is an Almond Butter With Cinnamon Nutchup, already in stock and available from the brand’s website at SEK 85 (8.03 USD) for a single bottle or SEK 76 (7.18 USD) each for three.

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