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Apollon expands the menu of its better-value 5lb tub of protein powder

Peanut Butter Cookie 5lb 50 50

When it comes to saving money on supplements, going bigger is always better, as when you buy more of a product from a brand, it’s almost guaranteed you’re going to get a better price. This is the case in the daily essential supplement protein powder, where you can find options as small as a single-pound bag and go all the way up to 20lbs or more, especially when you’re looking at a high-calorie gainer.

Apollon Nutrition has two sizes available for its popular blend-style protein powder 50/50 Formula-X, with the traditional 2lb and 5lb tubs. The latter is more cost-effective than the former and by a fair amount. While you’ll pay $49.95 for the 2lb, the 5lb is more than double the size, 250% bigger to be exact; however, the cost is not double, sitting at $89.95 when shopping directly through the brand’s online store.

The reason we’re talking about Apollon Nutrition’s 2lb and 5lb tubs of 50/50 Formula-X is that the menu of the larger option has been expanded, now including more than the classic chocolate and vanilla. The hardcore company has brought its peanut butter taste to the roughly 28% better value protein powder in Peanut Butter Cookie, which is available starting this week at