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Stackable Ripped Freak PM aims to support sleep, fat loss, performance and health

Pharmafreak Ripped Freak Pm

PharmaFreak hasn’t just launched its alpha male pre-workout Achilles Freak this week; it’s also rolled out Ripped Freak PM, a stimulant-free spin-off of its original hit fat burner Ripped Freak. The supplement is a bit more than just a weight loss product without stimulants, the brand has designed it with several benefits in mind, including fat loss, sleep, immunity, general health, and wellness.

Ripped Freak PM is, as mentioned, a multi-benefit supplement, which we have the complete formula of in the facts panel below. It comes with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals for general health, plus theanine and 5-HTP to improve and support sleep, 50mg of premium Senactiv to enhance performance, and a handful of fat-burning components in grains of paradise, CH-19 red pepper, and apigenin.

Not only has PharmaFreak built Ripped Freak PM as a stimulant-free weight loss solution for nighttime before you go to bed, but it has also crafted the supplement for use alongside its original Ripped Freak. The two can be stacked together for even more fat loss results, with Ripped Freak supporting and energizing you throughout the day and Ripped Freak PM continuing it while you sleep.

PharmaFreak’s own online store at is one of the first places stocking Ripped Freak PM at a reasonable $49.99 (37.08 USD) for a bottle of 30 servings to last you an entire month. The brand also has an automatically discounted stack of the regular Ripped Freak and Ripped Freak PM at $79.99 (59.33 USD), saving you $15 (11.13 USD) compared to buying the fat burning products separately.