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Redcon1 teases a yellow ice cream flavor for its original stimulant pre-workout

Redcon1 Yellow Ice Cream Total War

Two-time Brand Of The Year, Redcon1 has pumped out many different flavor series over the years, all featuring their own unique label designs and involving several popular supplements. The brand is now getting ready to roll out another new flavor with an alternative label design which you can see pictured above, although there isn’t enough detail or a close look to make out the name of the taste.

The next flavor creation from Redcon1 is going to be for its original stimulant pre-workout Total War, and as you can see above, it appears to involve yellow-colored ice cream. That could obviously be many different tastes, although the one we’re most confident in is banana. Not only does it fit with the clues of yellow ice cream, but it’s a flavor we’ve yet to see available for the Redcon1 pre-workout.

Redcon1’s mysterious yellow ice cream flavor of Total War is said to be launching soon, and with Black Friday one week away, we wouldn’t be surprised if it makes an appearance then. The brand has done some absolutely massive deals and discounts over the years for Black Friday, and we don’t expect that to change in 2022.

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