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Black Friday could be brining RYSE’s long-awaited Bazooka bubble gum collaboration

Ryse Bazooka Bubble Gum Loaded Pre

Shortly after its first authentic flavor collaboration, where it teamed up with the iconic beverage SunnyD, RYSE revealed plans for many more partnerships later down the road. Since then, we’ve seen multiple unfold, and some that weren’t mentioned, with the likes of Kool-Aid Tropical Punch for Loaded Pre and RYSE Fuel, and Chocolate Moon Pie for the delicious and Protein Wars-winning Loaded Protein.

RYSE originally announced four familiar names it was working with for authentic collaborations; three of them have made their way out into the world in Smarties, Ring Pop, and the aforementioned SunnyD. The fourth is one we have yet to see or even hear anything about, and that was Bazooka bubble gum, introduced back in 1947 with many spin-off flavors to follow in Strawberry Shake, Cherry Berry, and Grape Rage.

RYSE has passed on a teaser for what it has lined up for Black Friday, and you can see that image above, featuring a tub of what appears to be the pre-workout Loaded Pre wrapped in and hinting at some sort of chewing gum flavor. We can’t help but guess the brand is teasing that authentic Bazooka bubble gum flavor collaboration we’ve been waiting for, although there is not a lot to see, so we’re no where near certain.

This has been a standout year for RYSE, with authentic flavor collaborations becoming a key part of its brand and bringing a lot of attention to its selection of supplements. Whatever the chewing gum teaser ends up being, Bazooka bubble gum or something else completely, it’ll only add to its impressive performance in 2022 and undoubtedly be another massive launch, especially being tied to Black Friday.