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Sweden’s SSN finally gets into plant protein with a pea isolate-powered product

Ssn Vegan Isolate

Swedish supplement company Svensk Sport Nutrition, more simply referred to as SSN, has plenty of competitors in the world of protein powder, including the dairy-based products, Isolate, Alpha Whey, and Casein. This month, the popular brand is finally giving its strong fanbase a plant-based option, something it was sorely missing and a gap it’s just filled with Vegan Isolate.

SSN’s Vegan Isolate is a premium pea isolate-powered supplement, providing between 22 to 23g of protein, under a gram of fat, 1.5g of carbohydrates with most of that sugar, and 101 to 104 calories. There are two flavors to choose from for the product, one of which is traditional in a straightforward Chocolate, and the other is something a little less so in Vanilla Berry.

Both the Chocolate and Vanilla Berry flavors of Vegan Isolate are out now in SSN’s home country of Sweden in a standard 900g tub of 30 full servings. You can pick up the supplement straight from the brand’s website, where you’ll pay 299 kr (28.56 USD) with free local shipping on orders that total more than 750 kr.