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Australia’s JUICD Energy taking the familiar path of hydration in its next product

Upcoming Juicd Hydration

Alongside meal replacement, the hydration space is another category gaming supplement companies have gravitated towards, with many coming out with something in that area following G Fuel Hydration. Australian brand JUICD Energy is throwing its hat in the ring this month, and has gone ahead and unveiled its upcoming and self-explanatory JUICD Hydration.

JUICD Energy’s JUICD Hydration is indeed a dedicated hydration product to go alongside the gaming supplement company’s self-titled original, built for the usual benefits of increased energy and enhanced focus. We don’t have everything there is to know about the product yet, only that it features electrolytes for hydration, various vitamins, and it comes in three flavors.

The options fans of Australia’s JUICD Energy can look forward to for JUICD Hydration are all familiar flavors, already available for the brand’s original energy supplement in Slash Berry, Jaw Breaker, and Final Flash. The hydration-supporting product is launching in just a couple of days on Thursday in tubs of 30 servings and through the brand’s online store at

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