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Another gaming brand moves into meal replacement with Sweden’s X-Gamer

X Gamer Quick Meal

The growing category of gaming supplement companies has encouraged a lot of innovation and differentiation, seeing brands expand beyond the typical energy and focus products. One of the categories we’ve seen several releases for from the world of gaming is quick, convenient, and, most of all, nutritious meal replacement supplements to have before, between, or after lengthy sessions.

The European company X-Gamer, known for its original, self-titled energizing product and unique premium popcorn, has expanded its selection of supplements into the increasingly popular space of gaming meal replacements. X-Gamer Quick Meal is everything it says in its name, with a combination of nutritious ingredients brought together to provide a quick and balanced meal solution.

Every serving of Quick Meal from X-Gamer provides a moderate 12g of protein from whey and milk concentrate, a high 47g of carbohydrates from oat flour, under a gram of fat, around 250 calories, and an added blend of vitamins and minerals. The macros aren’t as high in protein as we are used to seeing from sports nutrition brands, but the product should serve its purpose of quick nutrition.

X Gamer Quick Meal Vs Ctrl Meal Replacement

We do have to note, and as you can see in the image above, X-Gamer Quick Meal bears a striking resemblance to the original gaming meal replacement from CTRL. The design of the label and the layout of information is incredibly similar, and it doesn’t help that they are the same sort of supplement; a meal replacement for gamers infused with vitamins and minerals, like CTRL.

X-Gamer has officially launched Quick Meal through its online store at in three flavors, all with 17 servings per bag in Melon Vanilla, Fruit Punch, and a classic Cookies N’ Cream. You can purchase individual units at 399kr (38.42 USD) alongside single-serving sample packet bundles with three servings at 129kr (12.42 USD) in our choice of flavor, including a variety pack with one of each.