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Fast in Finland twists vanilla and pear for its fourth flavor of Protein Shake

Vanilla Pear Fast Protein Shake

Finnish functional company Fast, widely available throughout its home country of Finland, doesn’t have all that many flavors on the menu of its protein beverage, Protein Shake. While the brand has many different bars in all sorts of options, it has the one high-protein drink with only three tastes to choose from in Banoffee, Caramel, and a classic chocolate flavor named Milk Choco.

Making its way out to stores and stockists starting this week in Finland, is a fourth flavor of Fast’s sweet, smooth, and milkshake-like Protein Shake, which is identical to the recently released addition to XLNT’s Protein Milkshake. Fast has put a refreshingly fruity twist on the traditional vanilla with Vanilla Pear, packing 21g of protein, 13g of carbohydrates, 3.8g of fat, and 166 calories.

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