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Protein brand Wicked follows its first protein powder with a protein cookie

Wicked Protein Cookie

A few months ago, protein brand Wicked Protein, originally known for its regular and refrigerated protein bars, expanded into protein powder, but not in the typical fashion. Instead of creating something in the common milkshake tastes of chocolate and vanilla, the brand introduced the refreshingly fruit-flavored Clear Whey Isolate in Tropical Punch, Cherry Limeade, and Blue Raspberry options.

Wicked Protein has added to its selection this month with another high-protein product, although this time around, it’s more in the brand’s original area of functional food with the Wicked Protein Cookie. It is a crumbly cookie snack packed with 13g of protein a piece from whey concentrate and collagen, alongside 24g of carbohydrates with 3g of sugar and 3g fiber, 8g of fat, and a reasonable 200 calories.

The Wicked Protein Cookie goes nicely alongside the brand’s original Wicked Protein Bar, Refrigerated Protein Bar, and Clear Whey Isolate, although to start, it only comes in one lonely flavor. While those other items have three to four tastes to choose from, the Wicked Protein Cookie has just the classic Chocolate Chip, and at the moment, it’s as low as $1.66 for Black Friday using the coupon “BFCM25”.