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Mysterious second stimulant pre-workout in the works at Arms Race Nutrition

Arms Race Nutrition Second Stimulant Pre Workout

Arms Race Nutrition is one of the handful of deserving brands nominated for our prestigious Brand Of The Year Award after putting on an incredibly impressive performance here in 2022. The reputable brand dropped several new products, improved some of its already available items, and entered the world of functional foods, which is not an easy thing to do.

While it has packed a lot into the year, Arms Race Nutrition is not wasting any time and looking to continue that momentum and effort into the New Year. Details have come in on something the brand already has in the works, and it is an exciting one, where Arms Race is getting back into the highly-competitive pre-workout category, although not for a reformulation.

Arms Race Nutrition is beta-testing a stimulant pre-workout at the moment, separate from its original Harness. That has us thinking we’re either getting a higher stimulant pre-workout, at least compared to Harness, or a more premium alternative. Both of those have been types of pre-workouts many brands have pumped out this year, such as Axe and Sledge’s stimulating DBAP and Jim Stoppani’s powerhouse Pre Jym X.

No matter what Arms Race Nutrition’s second stimulant pre-workout turns out to be, it’s safe to say, coming from the people behind it, it won’t disappoint. The brand is known for well-dosed and effective supplements, and we’re excited to see how that translates into a high-stimulant or premium pre-workout or maybe even something else entirely.

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