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Five nominees for our prestigious overall Brand Of The Year for 2022

Brand Of The Year 2022 Nominees

It is that time again, when we announce the nominees for our prestigious overall Brand Of The Year Award, which has seen countless brands put on memorable performances throughout their respective winning years. Last year, for our tenth Brand Of The Year Awards, we gave the overall category some diversity and picked three brands, each working and putting out as much as each other for their specific areas of the industry.

For the 2022 Brand Of The Year, there can be only one winner, but as mentioned, first, we have the nominees, and it is an incredibly competitive, hard-working selection of names. The things we look for in Brand Of The Year are consistent releases across the year, entirely new supplements and categories to support fans in more ways than before, quality formulas behind those supplements, exciting flavors, and fun campaigns.

  • Raw Nutrition
  • RYSE Supplements
  • Apollon Nutrition
  • Greg Doucette’s HTLT
  • Arms Race Nutrition

All of those brands above had absolutely giant years, fulfilling all of those points we look for and then some. Each nominee had multiple Brand Of The Year moments, such as Arms Race Nutrition’s entry into snacking, HTLT’s relentless releasing of almost a product every week or two, Apollon’s powerhouse pre-workout Lionheart, RYSE’s energy drink drop, and Raw Nutrition’s incredibly exclusive collaboration, Thavage Legend.

Brand Of The Year for 2022 is going to be as hard as any other to decide, potentially even harder, as it’s been a while since we had this many names in the running and such strong reasons to go with one and not the other. We’ll be announcing the winners of our Brand Of The Year Awards one by one, week by week, starting next week, starting with Functional Brand Of The Year between Pandy, Bombbar, Skinny Food, and Chiefs.

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