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Aware cooks up another Christmas edition flavor and this year it’s not Gingerbread

Aware Nutrition Tropical Christmas Pwo

Aware Nutrition is one of the European brands that pumps out something special edition and creative for specific times of year and various events, and Christmas is indeed one of those occasions. Two years ago, for Christmas in the unforgettable 2020, the brand dropped a Gingerbread flavor of protein powder, then one year later, or last year, it did the Christmas edition Grötmix with Extra Protein also Gingerbread-flavored.

Sweden’s Aware Nutrition is back again this year with another limited edition holiday creation, although unlike those other two, it is not a Gingerbread flavor for one of its other supplements. This time around, the busy brand has cooked up a one-off flavor for its original pre-workout, simply titled Aware Pre-Workout, with Tropical Christmas, which isn’t really a traditional taste, but it does indeed have Christmas in the name.

If you get in soon, Aware Nutrition’s Tropical Christmas Aware Pre-Workout is expected to arrive in time for the big day, and you’ll also be able to save some money. To celebrate the launch of the product, the brand is offering a 25% discount, bringing the flavor down from the pre-workout’s usual price of 359 kr to 269 kr (26.02 USD) for a tub of 33 servings.