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BEAM is launching its first capsule product in the New Year and it’s for gut health

Beam Gut Health

Most of the time at the premium sports nutrition brand BEAM, we get new flavors for already available supplements; in fact, that’s exactly what we got last week in a Christmassy Peppermint Mocha Vegan Protein. Early in the New Year, somewhere in January, the brand is doing something we rarely see from it and launching a completely new product, and it’ll be the first BEAM supplement in capsule format.

The upcoming item from BEAM is named Gut Health, and as you can probably gather from the name, it is designed entirely to support and improve digestion and gut health. The product will have a single capsule serving, and inside each of those will be ginger root, licorice, and a solid amount of probiotics providing 10 billion CFUs, again, all in the name of comprehensively supporting gut health.

As mentioned, this is a rare move from BEAM, as despite being on the market for two and a half years, it has only ever released one completely new supplement outside of its original lineup, and that was last year’s Recovery Aminos. BEAM Gut Health is a welcome addition to the brand and it shows it has interest in the area of health and wellness, which could lead to many more new products.

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