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Marc Lobliner introduces his no-minimum printing company Birdman Creations

Birdman Creations Tee Printing

Marc Lobliner has his hand in many brands and businesses, especially in the health and fitness industry, being the face of Tiger Fitness, responsible for MTS Nutrition, a key part of the reputable Ambrosia, and the creator of the hit real food treat, the Outright Bar. Lobliner has announced another company this week, introducing Birdman Creations, which isn’t entirely dedicated to health and fitness.

Birdman Creations is an apparel business offering everyone the ability to print tees, hoodies, shorts, and more, and it has a significant perk that you won’t often find at a printer. Birdman Creations has absolutely no minimums, meaning you don’t have to order an overly large amount to get what you want made; it can indeed be as small as a single unit run, although we imagine prices will be better the more you order.

To find out more information and get in touch with Marc Lobliner and the team at Birdman Creations, visit the fresh new company’s website at You can also reach out via phone by calling 1-800-204-4176, or through email by shooting a message over to

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