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Super Swole now in capsules with more premium ingredients including Nitrosigine and PegaPump

Competitive Edge Labs Super Swole Capsules

Super Swole is a stimulant-free, pump-powering pre-workout from the reputable Competitive Edge Labs, and it is packed full of reliable and effective ingredients. The original powder supplement included the likes of pure citrulline at a solid 6g per serving, 2g of GlycerPump glycerol, 200mg of pine bark, and some not-so-common pre-workout components in 500mg of VitaSport tart cherry for recovery and 25mg of KannaEase.

Fans of Competitive Edge Labs may have noticed when they visit the brand’s online store that Super Swole is and has been out of stock for some time in all three of its flavors. They also might have noticed there is a new Super Swole listing on the website, bearing the same name, although it comes in capsule format. It is indeed a capsule alternative to the original, with some slight tweaks and changes to the formula.

Competitive Edge Labs Super Swole Label

Competitive Edge Labs’ pill spin-off of Super Swole has many of the same ingredients and dosages as the powder, such as 100mg of S7, 25mg of KannEase, 300mg of Vaso6, its unique half a gram of VitaSport, and 50mg of the reliable absorption enhancer AstraGin. The other three ingredients from the original have been dropped and replaced by 750mg of agmatine, and three more premium components in 250mcg of PegaPump, 250mg of AmentoPure, and lastly, 750mg of the popular Nitrosigine.

Super Swole capsules still aim to improve and enhance muscle pumps, but as you can see, with a mostly similar set of ingredients alongside some new entries. You can grab the Super Swole spin-off straight from the brand’s website, where the pill version is more expensive overall at $49.99 versus $39.99, although keep in mind this one has 30 full servings a bottle, while the powder has that common pre-workout amount of 20.