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Recently revamped Satori is getting a light version referred to as Baby Satori

1 month ago
Ekkovision Baby Satori

We often refer to the newcomer Ekkovision as a pre-workout specialist purely because the majority of the supplements it pumps out are indeed for that highly competitive category. To the brand’s credit, it manages to make those products quite different from one another, giving reason and purpose for each, and for its next round of drops, it has found more room and is going to be introducing another pre-workout.

Satori is Ekkovision’s stimulant-free pre-workout, which was recently reformulated and relaunched with Satori 2.0. The refreshed version has a strong selection of highlights, including 10g of citrulline malate, a gram of agmatine, CognatiQ for focus, Zynamite for caffeine-free energy, and premium Senactiv to drive performance.

The latest or next new pre-workout from Ekkovision is going to be a spin-off of Satori, and it is currently referred to as Baby Satori. The approach seems to be similar to C4 Ultimate versus C4 Sport or Pre-Kaged Elite versus Pre-Kaged Sport, where you get a similar but simplified experience. Baby Satori has far fewer ingredients than Satori 2.0 but is still built to support focus, performance, and, most of all, pumps.

Ekkovision Baby Satori Label

The ingredients making up Ekkovision’s Baby Satori are all in Satori 2.0 at similar amounts, including a solid 3g of betaine, 1.5g of taurine, 6g of citrulline malate, 1.5g of the hugely popular, pump-powering Nitrosigine, and again, premium CognatiQ at 100mg a serving. As you can see, Baby Satori is designed for the same effects with a simpler set of ingredients for a less comprehensive result.

Ekkovision’s upcoming Baby Satori will be much cheaper than the original Satori 2.0, and rightfully so. While the packed-out, regular version of the stimulant-free pre-workout sits at $59.99, the baby spin-off is under $40 at $39.99. It is also worth noting, Satori 2.0 has 20 full servings per tub while Baby Satori has 30, so the price difference is even greater, with the lighter option being about 55% cheaper per serving.