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Ekkovision reveals the many additions, increases and decrease coming in Satori 2.0

Ekkovision Satori 2

One of the interesting features of the still very new and up-and-coming pre-workout specialist Ekkovision has been the rare or sometimes never-before-seen dosages packed into its supplements. The brand’s powerhouse product Dethroner is a great example of that, with the likes of VasoDrive-AP at a gram, typically seen at 254mg or 508mg, 100mg of S7, and 150mg of Senactiv, triple the much more common 50mg.

Satori is another pre-workout from Ekkovision that had some standout amounts of reliable ingredients, including 100mg of Senactiv, still more than the usual 50mg, and double the clinical dose of S7, also at 100mg. The brand is currently getting ready to roll out the second version of its only one-month-old Satori pre-workout, and with that sequel is going to come some tweaks, where a few features are going up and others are going down.

We’ve got the facts panel for Ekkovision’s Satori 2.0 in the image below, and despite the many changes that have been applied, it still maintains its robust balance of ingredients to really elevate and enhance muscle pumps, support mental focus, help out in performance, but nothing to increase or intensity energy as this is a stimulant-free pre-workout.

Ekkovision Satori 2 Label

Most of the dosages that have changed from Satori to Satori 2.0 are drops, with Senactiv and S7 both coming down to their clinical amounts of 50mg, ornithine halved to 500mg, alpha-GPC cut to two-thirds at 300mg, and citrulline malate getting a slight bump from 9 to 10g. There are some new additions to the formula in 2.5g each of betaine and taurine, and a gram of agmatine to join the already many other pump components.

There is no date set for the launch of Satori 2.0, only that it is coming after Ekkovision’s next big rollout of supplements involving its David Mangano pre-workout Acolyte and Chayse Morales’ pump-heavy pre-workout Hatman. Those are releasing in a few days on Saturday, so Satori 2.0 and its tweaks will likely be dropping in the couple of months following.