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Fitbakes puts sugar-free jam and colorful sprinkles in its latest flavor of protein cakes

Fitbakes Funfetti Birthday Cakes

Fitbakes built its name on its self-titled protein treat, Fitbakes, which is a packet of miniature, bite-sized squares that are incredibly light, genuinely fluffy, full of flavor, high in protein, and low in calories. If you’re a fan of different and unique functional foods, Fitbakes cakes are a must-try, and better yet, they come in a strong variety of flavors, including Carrot Cakes, Lemon Drizzle Cakes, and Jaffa Chocolate Cakes.

Fitbakes has just dropped a new flavor for its signature protein snack, something we’ve seen from all sorts of brands and products in sports nutrition, and now it’s been applied to the one-of-a-kind Fitbakes. Joining the product’s strong menu is the self-explanatory Funfetti Birthday Cakes, featuring a vanilla cake, layers of sweet white chocolate and zero-sugar raspberry jam, topped off with colorful birthday sprinkles.

Funfetti Birthday Cakes is an intriguing addition to the Fitbakes protein cakes family, being something that is quite different from the other options it has to choose from. Fans in the brand’s home market of the UK can look forward to seeing it in stores and on shelves soon, or you can purchase it directly from at a reasonable £3.19 for a single packet of four with 2g of protein and 62 calories in each.

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