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Got7 crafts four delicious treats including a peanut butter-filled chocolate praline

Got7 Nutrition Protein Praline

Got7 Nutrition has been known for putting some absolutely delicious, enjoyable, and unique functional foods over the years, with the focus most of the time on better-for-you, lower-calorie products. Just in time for Christmas, the German innovator has come through with not one, not two or three, but four new functional items, and you’d expect they look and sound mouthwatering.

The first drop from Got7 Nutrition for the season of giving is Protein Wafer, a light and crispy wafer-style protein bar. It tips the scales at a light 40g and provides a solid 12g of protein, under 10g of carbohydrates, only a gram of sugar, 15g of fat, and 216 calories. It has a typical wafer build, with layers of wafer making up the main body, then all wrapped in milk chocolate.

Got7 Nutrition Milk Drops

Next is the simpler Milk Drops, which is basically a bag of chocolate buttons but with Got7 Nutrition’s signature healthier spin. The product is the classic buttons tasting like delicious milk chocolate but without any added sugar, just 1.5g of sugar in total in 25g, 1.5g of fat, 8.3g of fat, and a total of 118 calories. The third drop is another flavor for the brand’s low sugar and better calorie Protein Spread in a two-color swirled flavor with Milky Hazelnut Cocoa.

Last is Got7 Nutrition’s Protein Pralines, a product that’s been featured in advent calendars over the years. The candy-inspired treat is a rich, hard, and realistic milk chocolate shell; then, on the inside, it has creamy peanut butter, all with 2g of protein, less than a gram of sugar, 4.9g of fat, and 64 calories. It sounds like a must-try creation, and while we have had a praline before from Got7, this seems a bit different, and it’s a fully finished, public launch.

Got7 Nutrition’s Protein Wafer, Milk Drops, Milky Hazelnut Cocoa Protein Spread, and the promising Protein Pralines are available for purchase directly from To make it easy for fans to try all of the delicious-looking creations, they can be ordered individually; for example, a single box of the Protein Pralines, which has three treats inside, is a low €2.49 (2.62 USD).