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Jet Social rockets into the pre-workout category in its second supplement

Jet Social Club Rocket Fuel

The still relatively new Jet Social Club warned that it had a stimulant-powered pre-workout launching in the near future in the first half of November, and that it would be called Rocket Fuel. That supplement has arrived and is now available alongside the brand’s original product Rocket Hydration, and if you get in and order soon, you can save some money.

Jet Social Club has given its pre-workout Rocket Fuel a regular price of $36.99, although, for a limited time, it is discounting it significantly to $28.99. That’ll get you a tub of 25 servings in the one Citrus Blast flavor, and that is strong value, getting under the $30 mark and still giving you enough servings for more than a month when training five times a week.

Jet Social Club Rocket Fuel Label

The formula behind Jet Social Club’s Rocket Fuel is about what you’d expect after the launch of its amino cocktail, Rocket Hydration. The young and growing brand has brought together a variety of reliable ingredients and low to moderate dosages. With the way everything is in there, a double serving wouldn’t put anything too over the top, but it would raise the caffeine to a potent amount and the brand does suggest only using one.

Each serving of Rocket Fuel features 2g of beta-alanine for performance, 5g of citrulline malate to power muscle pumps, and 250mg each of taurine and an electrolyte blend for hydration. There are also, unfortunately, light amounts of alpha-GPC and betaine at 100mg and 250mg, respectively, and 250mg of the ever-reliable caffeine to elevate energy.