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Revamped Pump Kap backed by AmentoPump, VasoDrive and NO3-T

Klout Improved Pump Kap

This coming week, Klout is following through on its promise of launching a new, improved, and much more advanced version of its pump-enhancing capsule supplement Pump Kap. When the brand first introduced the product, the formula was noticeably different from the level we’re used to seeing in its supplements, and it was then confirmed this was more of a sample test batch, and a more premium replacement was in the works.

As mentioned, this week, Klout is releasing that more advanced, premium Pump Kap replacement, packed with four key ingredients, three of them being reliable branded ingredients. The renewed formula behind Pump Kap comes with 200mg of pine bark in a three-capsule serving; then you have the premium components in 250mg of AmentoPump, 300mg of VasoDrive, and lastly, a gram of the reliably effective NO3-T betaine nitrate.

Klout Pump Kap Label

Klout has certainly followed through on its promise of a better formula for Pump Kap, all while keeping the pump-powering supplement’s additional benefits of being stimulant-free and stackable. The product can still be used alongside any of the brand’s stimulant-fueled pre-workouts, including the nootropic-infused Karma and the more extreme alternative Mamba.

Fans have been given a date for exactly when the NO3-T-backed Pump Kap is going to be live and available for purchase through Klout’s online store at, and it is only three days from today. The brand is dropping the supplement right in the middle of this coming week on Wednesday, in a bottle of 25 full servings, with no mention of price, but to give you some sort of an idea, the original initially launched at $32.99.