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Labrada packs 10g of EAAs into each serving of its Pro Series amino

Labrada Pro Series Eaa

One of the five new products from Labrada Nutrition’s premium Pro Series has arrived as promised, right before the Olympia, and it is something completely new for the line that has been untouched since its debut. Going alongside the original selection of Pump, Intra, and the protein powder Hydro, is a dedicated amino supplement named EAA.

Labrada Nutrition’s Pro Series EAA is true to its name and features a solid 10g dose of all nine EAAs to improve muscle recovery and repair, with 6.9g of that being the all-important BCAAs. To further complete the formula, the product has electrolytes and coconut water to support hydration, and 635mg of MCTs, with everything wrapped up in a flavored powder.

Labrada Pro Series Eaa Label

The Pro Series EAA is already in stock and available through Labrada Nutrition’s separate Pro Series online store, and it is priced similar to the other items in the line at $49.99 in the one Sour Gummy Bear flavor. That cost is higher than many of the competitors in the busy amino category, although you do get a good amount of EAAs at 10g per serving.