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Maximuscle makes a nut-based bar packing a moderate 10g of protein

Maximuscle Protein Nut Bar

Legacy UK brand Maximuscle has done many different functional foods in its years, but there is always room for something more and something different, and that is what it has this month. The long-running sports nutrition company has come out with another bar that’s high in protein, and the difference in this is highlighted in the name with, the Protein Nut Bar.

Maximuscle’s Protein Nut Bar is a nut-based snack featuring a hard, flavorful base topped with a thick body of nuts and crispy protein pieces, then a squiggle of flavor across the top. It is a moderate-sized snack, tipping the scales at 46g and providing 10g of protein, 14g of carbohydrates, a sizeable although predictably high 16g of fat, and a total of 230 calories.

The Protein Nut Bar is essentially Maximuscle’s take on the classic nut-filled snack bar, and it has debuted in two flavors, Salted Peanut and the more decadent Dark Chocolate Peanut. You can grab either or both straight from the brand’s online store at £26.99 (32.77 USD) a box, which is expensive, but you do get a fair amount more than the usual 12 bars at 18.

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