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Metabolic is turning its DMAA-era fat burner Synedrex into a pre-workout

Metabolic Nutrition Synedrex Pre Workout

Synedrex is the supplement Metabolic Nutrition is most known for, emerging back in the DMAA era, and obviously with the potent and powerful stimulant, it packed quite a punch. The fat burner has hung around in the brand’s lineup since then, seeing many reformulations, although something that we’ve not seen from the product is a flavored powder version or spin-off, and that is precisely what’s coming soon.

Metabolic Nutrition has announced it is getting ready to release a pre-workout spin-off of Synedrex that comes in the traditional flavored format. On the way from the brand is Synedrex Pre-Contest Prep, described as a body recomposition pre-workout, featuring ingredients to power you through your workout, with effects like energy, focus, and performance, and support for fat breakdown and overall weight loss.

Synedrex Pre-Contest Prep sounds like a combination of a fat burner and pre-workout, as you’d expect from a powder pre-workout spin-off of Synedrex. It’ll be interesting to see what the formula looks like and how advanced the fat loss side of the supplement is, or if it’s a little simpler and more of a pre-workout with a few components to help with weight loss.

There is no set launch date for Synedrex Pre-Contest Prep, only Metabolic Nutrition saying that it’s arriving sometime soon. While that could be anywhere from a week to several months, the New Year is right around the corner, which is always a good time to introduce something. A fat-burning pre-workout would be relatively suitable for the start of 2023, especially for those setting the common New Year’s resolution of weight loss.