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Intriguing and limited Moon Dust flavor announced for Rogue Hydration

Moon Dust Rogue Hydration

Like many gaming nutrition companies out there, Rogue Energy has two types of supplements available, something for energy and focus, and another product for hydration. There is the original Rogue Energy and the higher caffeine Rogue Extreme for a stimulating experience, then you have Rogue Hydration, built, of course, to support and improve hydration and performance.

This Friday, Rogue Energy is launching another flavor for its stimulant-free supplement, Rogue Hydration, featuring a theme similar to that of Prime’s recently released Meta Moon Hydration Drink. The name of the flavor is Moon Dust, covered in a mostly white label design, and like the Meta Moon Prime beverage, the brand hasn’t said anything about what exactly Moon Dust tastes like.

The one other important detail about Rogue Energy’s Moon Dust Rogue Hydration is it won’t be around for too long, with the brand only planning to have it in the lineup for a limited time. The product does feature the usual Rogue Hydration formula, and while it is said to drop Friday, you can already order it from the brand’s website at the typical Hydration price of $35.99 a tub.