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Prime reveals its mysteriously named seventh flavor Meta Moon

Meta Moon Prime Hydration Drink

The Prime sports drink from YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul got its first new flavor since launch a few months back, with the originals Orange, Grape, Tropical Punch, Lemon Lime, and Blue Raspberry being joined by a multi-colored Bomb Pop-inspired effort called Ice Pop. The popular and now widely available beverage is back in the month of September with another flavor extension, although this time, it’s a lot less descriptive.

Prime has announced that tomorrow it is releasing a flavor of its signature hydration-supporting drink called Meta Moon, and said it’s “a flavor so good, we can’t even describe it.” Basically, it’s anyone’s guess right now as to what the Meta Moon Prime sports drink is going to taste like. We suspect something refreshing and fruity, similar to the other options, and with a white label, we’re guessing coconut, lychee, or even white strawberry.

The interesting thing is that even when Prime launches its seventh overall flavor of the electrolyte-fueled Hydration Drink, it doesn’t sound like we’ll be getting any sort of flavor description. We won’t find out until tomorrow, although the name Meta Moon definitely leaves a lot to the imagination, and keeping the taste mysterious does make things a little more interesting.

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