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Vitamin Shoppe sales discount Core Fury V2 to as low as $32.99 each for four

Core Fury Version 2 Deal

Core Fury Version 2 launched a little earlier than anticipated at The Vitamin Shoppe this month, touching down in the first half of December and carrying a regular retail price of $54.99. The long-running Core Nutritionals pre-workout is going to be exclusive to the sports nutrition retailer for some time, so if you want to give the new and improved supplement a try, that is where you’ll need to go.

When Core Nutritionals’ Core Fury Version 2 debuted at The Vitamin Shoppe, there was a deal where you could save 20%, dropping the product to $43.99, although you did have to buy two tubs. The premium brand did say if you wait until the end of the month, there might be some sort of promotion, and that has indeed happened with a substantial discount on Core Fury Version 2 until mid-January.

The offer is 20% off all of Core Nutritionals, dropping it to the cost of that two-tub deal from earlier in the month of $43.99, although you can purchase just the one. However, if you don’t mind spending a little more, The Vitamin Shoppe has a sale that adds even more discount the higher your order total using the coupon code “MYYEAR23”.

The Vitamin Shoppe’s New Year’s promotion gets you 15% off two tubs of Core Fury Version 2, bringing the cost down to $37.39, three tubs to $35.09 each, and if you want to go big and grab four, you’ll get the sale’s maximum discount and drop Core Fury to $32.99 a piece. Very clearly, now is the best time to try the latest pre-workout from Core Nutritionals and, again, only at The Vitamin Shoppe.