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More Blast Max-style supplements lined up at Old School Labs for next year

Old School Labs More Blast Max Style Products

Old School Labs has been a busy brand here in 2022, with its star launch for the year being the powerhouse premium pre-workout Blast Max, a step up in many ways from its flagship competitor in the category, Vintage Blast. The supplement that was released for Black Friday is packed full of highlights, including a solid 4g of pure citrulline, a variety of NO3-T nitrate ingredients providing a total of 1.075g of nitrates, and a combined 400mg of caffeine.

Blast Max is a different sort of direction for Old School Labs, as it doesn’t have that more advanced alternative in any other category outside of pre-workout. Next year, however, the brand is apparently looking to do just that, with plans to drop a whole host of products. Among that spree of supplements will be some Blast Max style items, where Old School steps up on the formulation side and offers something more advanced for a category.

If Blast Max is anything to go by, whatever Old School Labs has up its sleeve will certainly be well worth looking out for. Again, pre-workout is the only area we’ve seen the golden era bodybuilding brand take a premium approach, and it did not disappoint. That strategy applied to something like weight loss, protein powder, post-workout, or even a pump pre-workout will be exciting to see and may already be lined up for the New Year.