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Pumpkin season comes to Old School Labs and its Vintage Brawn protein powder

Old School Labs Pumpkin Spice Vintage Brawn

Fresh off of the release of its packed-out premium pre-workout Blast Max, Golden Era Bodybuilding brand Old School Labs has a new seasonal flavor for its flagship protein powder Vintage Brawn. It is a taste based around the time of year with Pumpkin Spice, something we’ve seen many sports nutrition brands come out with for various products over the past few months, and now it is obviously Old School’s turn.

The new Pumpkin Spice Vintage Brawn aims to deliver the familiar taste of the seasonal beverage with the protein powder’s typically lean nutrition profile of 24g of protein from milk, beef, and egg, 2g of carbohydrates, a gram of fat, and 110 calories. The product is in stock and available now through Old School Labs’ online store at $54.99, and like the season itself, Pumpkin Spice is only here for a limited time.