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Powerful drops a protein powder although it doesn’t rely on your typical sources

Powerful Protein Powder

Powerful Nutrition has made a name for itself from its many different, on-the-go protein products, like the Powerful Protein Shake, Powerful Bites, and Powerful Oatmeal. The brand has gradually made its way into the world of traditional powder format, sports nutrition supplements with the likes of Powerful Hydration, and the before and after stack of Powerful Pre-Workout and Powerful Post-Workout.

Powerful Nutrition is expanding its selection this week with one of the most traditional supplements out there in a protein powder, although the approach it has taken is far from traditional. The all-new Powerful Protein Powder is uniquely made with greek yogurt, not your more common sources of protein like whey or pea, two ingredients the brand proudly highlights in marketing that are not in the product.

Despite the alternative sources used in Powerful Nutrition’s Powerful Protein Powder, the nutrition profile of the supplement isn’t too bad providing 20g of protein a serving, 4g of carbohydrates, 2g of sugar, 2g of fat, and 100 calories. The brand also promotes the product as having probiotics to support and improve gut health, which is not added like most protein powders; it comes from the greek yogurt.

Powerful Nutrition is selling its first-ever protein powder through its online store at a reasonably low $23.99, but keep in mind it is not an overly large supplement, weighing in at only 1lb. Each tub of Powerful Protein Powder has a total of 15 servings each with that 20g of protein, and currently, it is available in one flavor option, a classic Vanilla.