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HR Labs begins taking pre-orders for Defib V3 for shipping in two weeks

Hr Labs Defib V3 Pre Order

Before Christmas Day rolled around, premium UK brand HR Labs leaked the formula behind the third iteration of its signature stimulant pre-workout Defib. The brand has made a handful of switches and tweaks for what it’s named Defib V3, doing a great job at maintaining its balance of benefits, continuing its comprehensive approach, and ensuring it’s packed full of respectable ingredients and dosages.

HR Labs is now taking pre-orders for its well-rounded Defib V3, and the wait for shipping isn’t all that long, with the brand planning to send out orders in the second week of the New Year on Monday, the 9th of January. The pre-order price is within the premium side of the pre-workout category in the UK at £39.99 (48.23 USD), and that is for a tub of 40 regular servings of 20 maximum workouts.

The last little detail worth sharing for HR Labs’ now pre-orderable Defib V3 pre-workout is the flavors, and the brand has put together quite the selection for its debut. There are five tastes to choose from for the reworked supplement in Iced Blue Slush, Cherryade, and the candy-inspired creations, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Fizzy Candy Crush, and Jelly Bean.

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