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RYSE looks to go back-to-back against Muscletech in the Protein Wars grand final

Protein Wars 2022 Grand Final

This year’s Protein Wars competition has seen tens of thousands of votes, and that total shot up significantly higher last week with the semifinals, where four of the industry’s top protein powders battled it out. As per usual, we had two groups of two; group one saw past champions Ghost Whey and RYSE Loaded Protein taking one another, and group two was the legacy Nitro-Tech against newcomer V1 Pro from V1 Nutra.

This week we have the highly-anticipated grand final of the 2022 Protein Wars, where the most-voted supplements from those two groups mentioned are going toe to toe to find out who wins this year’s title. Between the 2019 winner Ghost Whey and 2021 champion Loaded Protein, it is RYSE that is moving on, and between Nitro-Tech and V1 Pro, the legacy brand Muscletech is the competitor progressing to the final.

Basically, the 2022 grand final is between RYSE’s Loaded Protein and Muscletech’s Nitro-Tech. If the former wins, it’ll become our third two-time champion, and if it’s the latter, it’ll be win number one for Muscletech and its long-running product. You can get your votes in at with one vote accepted per person, and you have until midnight Eastern Time this coming Sunday before the contest comes to a close.

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