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Pump-enhancing pre-workout Big Noise is getting an RTD version

Redcon1 Big Noise Rtd

The RTD version of Redcon1’s Total War pre-workout was introduced a solid four years ago, and since then, it has gone on to become one of the most popular and widely available on-the-go pre-workouts. It can be found in retailers, mainstream stores, gyms, and everything in between, and sometime soon, it is being joined by a second pre-workout RTD from the sports nutrition giant.

Redcon1 has shared a sneak peek at an on-the-go version of its stimulant-free, pump-enhancing pre-workout Big Noise. Like the Total War supplement to the RTD, the formula from the original Big Noise powder product isn’t the same in the RTD. It’ll feature four key ingredients in citicoline sodium, pink Himalayan salt, and 3g each of citrulline malate and glycerin to enhance muscle pumps.

You will be able to stack the Big Noise RTD with the Total War RTD, as the only crossover ingredient is citrulline malate, where combined, you get 9g, which isn’t anything concerning. You can have the upcoming beverage by itself for its pump benefits, but like the supplement, it is stimulant-free and doesn’t have any caffeine, so don’t expect any kind of kick or boost in energy from this.

Redcon1 is looking to launch its second-ever on-the-go pre-workout, the Big Noise RTD, shortly, and it’ll have at least three flavors to choose from in Strawberry Kiwi, Pink Lemonade, and Rainbow Candy. Two of those flavors are from the original Big Noise, although more importantly, all of them are flavors available for the Total War RTD, which will make stacking the two drinks a little easier.