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Redcon1 is getting ready to release a premium Total War with TeaCrine, Dynamine and NO3-T

Redcon1 Total War Black Ops

One of the more significant trends in the sports nutrition industry this year, after picking up speed last year, is the premium pre-workout. That is where a brand offers a supplement that’s more expensive than its original or regular pre-workout and absolutely packs out the formula. It gives fans that want more from their pre-workout and are prepared to pay more, the opportunity to do exactly that.

We’ve seen many brands go the premium pre-workout route, and it looks as though two-time Brand Of The Year winner, Redcon1, is about to do that as well with Total War Black Ops. The brand recently shared an image of all the various labels it’s put out over the years, including original items, limited edition flavors, and some unreleased products, which is where Total War Black Ops comes in.

Redcon1 Label Wall

Redcon1 has been able to confirm that Black Ops is indeed a packed-out, premium version of Total War, and while we don’t have its full formula to share, we do know some of its star highlights. Alongside several other pre-workout ingredients, Total War Black Ops will feature TeaCrine, Dynamine, and, to enhance pumps, a solid 6g of pure citrulline and an impressive 4g of combined NO3-T nitrates.

Again, there will be other ingredients and dosages in Redcon1’s Total War Black Ops; the stimulating pair of TeaCrine and Dynamine, citrulline, and NO3-T nitrates are simply all we can confirm so far. There will be a few flavors to choose from for the supplement, and we have to imagine Total War Black Ops is going to be dropping soon; in fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if it kicks off the New Year for Redcon1.