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Sugar Cookie comes to Magic Spoon’s on-point cereal in time for Christmas

Sugar Cookie Magic Spoon Cereal

The innovative functional food company Magic Spoon has revealed and released another flavor of its signature, delicious, protein-packed cereal, and it fits right in with the holiday season. It was only yesterday we posted about a survey from the brand, asking fans what flavor they would like to see next, with several options to tick, including the one this entire post is about.

The reliably enjoyable Magic Spoon has turned the classic sugar cookie into a flavor of its high-protein cereal and simply called it Sugar Cookie. The taste is said to be just like the icing on a cookie, and while that is a short description, it’s more than enough. The macros of the product are fairly typical, with 13g of protein a serving, 3g of net carbohydrates, and 150 calories.

As Magic Spoon does with many of its flavor drops, it has several options available to purchase the new Sugar Cookie protein cereal, including double and quadruple bundles. There are also variety packs with five or six boxes, one of them being Sugar Cookie, and special edition Holiday bundles packaged with a custom bowl and spoon set to serve the cereal with.