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We Go Home has something else it wants to drop before its intriguing protein powder

We Go Home Recovery Supplement

We recently reported that the fast-growing and reputable brand We Go Home put out a teaser, suggesting it is getting into the saturated protein powder category but, of course, with a unique approach. The brand has gone ahead and confirmed that the teaser was indeed for a protein powder, but as it turns out, that won’t be the next new product to come from We Go Home.

There are apparently two completely new supplements We Go Home has put together, one is the protein powder due to launch later down the line, and the other is something that comes in a smaller, more pre-workout-sized bottle. There are next to no clues for this one, only some hashtags the brand has posted alongside the teaser above, including #recovery, #gains, and #muscle.

Based on what little information We Go Home is putting out there, it seems as though we’re in for some sort of recovery supplement to support and improve muscle growth. The brand does already have an amino on the market in Endure, so if recovery is its focus, it won’t be an amino cocktail, with more details on the mystery product due to be shared some time soon.

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